GO SMS Message Counter plugin

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GO SMS Message Counter plugin चे वर्णन

An message conter plugin for GO SMS Pro

GO SMS Message Counter plugin enables you to learn the dayly, monthly and cumulative send amount of SMS/MMS/GO Share/GO Share. It supports to set the settlement date, monthly combo limits and will notify you when reach the reminder value, can be a message flow secretary of your callphone. Need to install v4.31 or the latest GO SMS Pro.

Main functions:

- Count the SMS sent statistics

- Count the MMS sent statistics

- Pie chart shows the sent message percentage

- Count the GO Share sent statistics

- Count the GO Chat sent statistics (can distinguish text and multimedia messages)

- Support counter settings

- Support Limit reminder, tell your the current combo situation

How to download and install the message counter plug-in?

- Click the icon in the GO SMS Application Center and follow the tips to download and install.

** Tips **

Message counter need to be installed with GO SMS Pro v4.31 or the latest version, if your haven't installed or the version is too old, we suggest you to dowload or update your GO SMS Pro main program.

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